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Risks in commercial solar PV rooftop systems and how to mitigate
Solar PV rooftop systems are becoming increasingly popular and found next to the private households more often their way to a commercial application. In which case the installation on the roof of an industrial building is very attractive. A roof is often unused space and in this manner can be used effectively. In contrast to the ground use
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Nissan Solar-Powered Hybrid Cargo Ship
Toyota might be the world’s largest hybrid automaker, but that isn’t stopping rival Japanese automaker Nissan from trying to become the world leader in hybrid electric car transporter ships.
Its latest ship, announced on Tuesday this week, puts it ahead in the race to have the greenest shipping fleet of any automa
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Delhi, India Regulations on Net Metering for Renewable Energy notified by DERC
After some false starts, Delhi now officially has a net metering regulation. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission(DERC) has released the notification formalizing net-metering in Delhi. It may be recalled that the previous version of Delhi’s net-metering policy was scrapped in February 2012, citing loopholes and possibilities of
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A big question, how to handle fire in building with rooftop solar?
A big question, how to handle fire in building with rooftop solar? Even if the fire is not caused by solar but triggers a conversation for fighting fire in a building with solar PV system on the roof. While a typical fire includes firefighter activity on the roof, Couple of cases worldwide, Firefighter commanding o
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Failures of PV modules
PV modules fail for a wide variety of reasons. Failures related to how the module is connected to the PV system and common packaging failures are common to all modules. These are indicated in the Tab below in the general category. Some defects are observed only in some module types; these are indicated in the table for each technology. Some
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Rooftop solar subsidy mechanism to continue but will the government provide funds?
On 26th June 2014, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) announced continuation of the capital subsidy scheme for rooftop solar projects. Under this scheme, the government will continue to provide 30% of the capital cost of the projects as an upfront subsidy to rooftop projects implemented by MNRE “channel partners” or
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Solar Business Opportunities in India
 Introduction:     Solar Business worldwide has great political support. Even during the recession period many governments provided funding, subsidies and tax benefits. Leading nations are Germany, Italy, France, China, USA, Canada, India etc. The threat of climate change and obligations to reduce Green House Gas (GHG) e
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North India Solar Summit
Date: 11, 12 and 13 March 2014 Venue: IIA Grounds, Lucknow U.P. India Kindly visit the website www.niss.org.in for more information.
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City : Delhi
India Renewable Energy Potential Remains Untapped
India’s Renewable Energy Potential Remains Untapped
By Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E.
India has tremendous energy needs and increasing difficulty in meeting those needs through traditional means of power generation. On July 30th and 31st, 2012, the world’s largest blackout –
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5 Reasons Solar is Already Beating Fossil Fuels
The solar industry is growing drastically every year, while fossil fuels continue to be phased out. This is why it is frustrating to hear commenters still say that renewable energy is not ready to compete with fossil fuels as a means to power our country. This is no longer true. Here are five reasons why solar is already winning. 
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Latest News
Installation of 2Kw rooftop with Battery bank in Gurgaon
Synergy Maxx team has installed it 2Kw rooftop system in Sushant Lok-2,Gurgaon we are executing next 5KW and 10KW project in Gurgaon soon.

Commissioning of 2KW and 10KW solar System In Haryana
Synergymaxx team is commissioning one 2Kw rooftop system and second 10KW rooftop in Haryana.

JA Solar has signed an MOU with Essel Infraproject Ltd
JA Solar has signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Essel Infraproject Ltd (EIL) in India for a JV solar cell and module manufacturing plant in India. Essel Infraproject is the PV project and infrastructure arm of Essel Group.

Haryana makes solar power must for all buildings
The Haryana government has decided to usher in the New Year with one of the biggest pushes for solar power in the country. The state has made it mandatory for all buildings on plot size of 500 square yards or more to install rooftop solar power systems by

Synergymaxx New Installation 1Kw solar Roof top
Synergymaxx has installed 1kw Solar rooftop system with battery backup in Bijnor where electricity cut is for 6-8 hours. we are working towards our goal to enlighten future of next Generation.

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